What the Perfect Bar for Should Look Like?

DWA bar and lounge

Amenities and entertainments these days are at large abundance by all means. It could be unfair from audience’s and consumers’ point of view to tell that there`s no good place or bar in Toronto for relaxation and chilling. However, they say, the more you receive, the more you will eventually demand. And thus, today, it might be still difficult to locate the perfect bar for relaxing and chilling in Toronto, even though the city is full of night bars and lounges in general. So, today, we have decided to estimate the features, the offers and all the specifications that the ideal cool bar for having good time should owe. Let`s get started!

First of all, the nice and casual atmosphere is a must. Those fancy, too romantic or extra exquisite spots are not so proper for relaxation and to tell you the truth, they do not predispose you for fun and chilling. So, the environment must be really comfy, but stylish, convenient, but attractive, and spacious, but cool. In short, when you get inside a bar in Toronto like this, you should feel at the right place. And eventually, when you become a regular customer, you should even feel like at home – regardless the vanguard decoration and the expensive bar furniture for accommodation.

Barry and me at DWA

Secondly, seek for the rich variety in the menu. A place, where only coffee, beer and vodka are served, is not your place. Come on, we live in the 21st century and there are some many cool drinks you can try. Such a short life and so many cocktails to drink, right? Well, look for a bar in Toronto, where the cocktails are interesting, the drinks are fresh and the prices are ok. Speaking of budget-friendly offers, do not miss a club, where there`s a Happy Hour every day. For example, DW Alexander bar has a Happy Hour program from 5 pm to 8 pm. This is a cool bar, as a matter of fact, and it offers you reasonable prices per pint, a glass of wine and a cocktail during its regular Happy Hour.

Last, but not least, the access is also very important for a good club or amenity. A place which is too far away is not an option, because the transportation will always be an obstacle for you to relax any time you want. Besides, things like special invitations or passes for a bar are too snobbish and pretentious. A real bar for relaxation should be open to everyone, who wants to have fun, do you agree? And since we`ve mentioned the DW Alexander bar, it`s important to say that it covers this criteria, too. First of all, it is placed on a perfect location – at the 19 Church Street. And secondly, its visitors are cool and smiling people, because they know they are at the right place.

See, it looks like you know what to look for and where to go for a drink and to relax now.

Get Inside the Best Night Club in Toronto or Die Trying

DW Alexander barWe do not dare you with any super-secret parties or with a club, where special invitations or VIP identity is a must to get in. No – we accept all kinds of visitors and we share all kinds of passion for casual fun, carefree entertainment and relaxing tickling. Join the arena of positive emotions and even more positive drinks that the best club in Toronto offers you. Meet D.W. Alexander – the giant master among all the fabulous and not so fabulous amenities in the city. Meet D.W. Alexander – it`s just your place.

Even though, now, you might have no single reason to visit the D.W. Alexander bar and lounge, just peek into it and you will immediately find even dozens of reasons to call this club your super saviour from boredom, after-work tiredness and the killing dead level of daily routines. Here is where people can have fun with no dress code limitation and where everyone can share the desire to destroy the uniformity. Casual and stylish, fancy, but city industrial and modest, D.W. Alexander Club in Toronto invites you to a super pleasant environment with friendly atmosphere, cool people and extra polite and cute staff.

We are located at the Church St. 19, Toronto and we work every day for our beloved customers, who have preferred the simplicity and classy charm to the fake shininess and discomfort in crowded spaces. Do not miss our great Happy Hour that welcomes the social club or in other words – the best time for visiting the D.W. Alexander Club and see the smiley people we please and simply adore. Get a cocktail for $8 only and have a night out with the girls spicier and fresher. Order of our exquisite wine for $7 only, when you with your spouse or simply test your colleagues for pastime tolerance with our exclusive offer – $6 for pints. Our Happy Hour at the D.W. Alexander Club starts at 5 pm and last three hours – up to 8 pm, when, by the way, the fun is usually just getting started with cool music, informal homey atmosphere and pleased people that share our mission to spread joy, when free time comes at last.

The superb environment and the chilling people are not the only benefits the D.W. Alexander Club can boast with. Snooping at the menu, the choice might become not so easy till you find out what your favourite cocktail from the D.W. Alexander Club is. As a matter of fact, our club provides a large variety of different classical and original cocktails, which you cannot find anywhere else in Toronto – or at least not altogether. Cocktail lovers from all around Canada should map out the D.W. Alexander Club since it really has lots to offer. However, bear fans, as well as more romantic drink connoisseurs are not neglected, either. Our menu is also full of numerous champagne, wine and liquor brands. Do not miss the Biggie smalls and the Afters. And no, we are not going to disclose what these drinks are, because you just need to taste them.

D.W. Alexander Club in Toronto is ideal for a weekend chill, after working time relaxation, Friday gang night or afternoon girl chats at any season of the year. Also, we provide special private services such as firm party arrangement, birthday organization and special event management. Use our official website to get our contacts and get in touch with us to share your ideas and plans. We will be glad to arrange your party or event. Catering is also an option the staff at D.W. Alexander Club can provide. Ok, that might sound to you all, but we have much more to offer. Just come and see how we do it – elegantly and happily, at the background of a nice music and with a special accent at hand – delicious drink – that`s the fun and that`s the daily constant show program at the D.W. Alexander Club in Toronto. Don`t lose your sense of fun, but discover it once again with us. Get inside the best club in Toronto or die trying. We accept all party and casual entertainment lovers!